Apartment Building Division

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NHThe apartment building division offers property owners and investors the ability to own income-producing property without the aggravation and with the benefit of having a professional management company handle their properties with the same standard of care as it as they were their own. Our mission is to not only provide our clients with an unparalleled level of professional management service but to deliver asset management services designed to increase the value of properties over time. With access to our in- house services and our preferred vendors, we can effectively cut costs and strategically plan both for the short- and long-term future. We are able to accomplish this through careful budgeting, accurate financials and an outstanding level of communication.

Butler Property Management is able to deliver consistently higher occupancy rates, along with the lowest delinquency rates in the industry. From turning a troubled property around to managing a luxurious community, we are able to increase revenues and decrease expenses, offering our clients a higher rate of return and a more profitable rental property. We realize that each of our clients and their properties are different and should be managed accordingly. We are able to tailor our management services to each client, to effectively raise ROI and increase the bottom line.

Client & Tenant Communication

Communication is the core of any relationship and is no different when it comes to managing our clients’ and investors’ properties. With customers all over the world and in nearly every state in the country, we understand the importance of keeping open lines of communication. Whether it be via phone or email, we want our clients to feel comfortable in knowing that they can reach a representative from our company who can provide them with the information that they want when they need it. Tenants are no different in that building a lasting relationship is vital to their happiness and the financial well-being of the property. With more than 2,000 tenants in our care, we understand the importance of communicating with our residents to ensure that their stay with us is enjoyable and memorable. Consider the following illustrations of the levels of service we provide:

  • Client & investor relationship. We believe in blending our expertise in property management with open communication between us and our clients, in implementing a unity-of-purpose management approach. Our clients and investors have a great deal of time and money invested in their apartment buildings. We understand the importance and significance of their properties and can ensure that our owners receive a prompt response to their phone calls and emails. Our clients can rest easy knowing that we have a 24-hour a day emergency maintenance hotline to address any emergencies and a full staff on call to actively manage properties.
  • Agent/tenant relationship. Open communication with our residents demonstrates a commitment to their well-being, and is in keeping with our core belief of business integrity.
  • Continued tenant relations. A continuous relationship with our tenants is an important part of our business philosophy and is crucial to the success of your rental property. When tenant are happy with their apartment homes, it is likely they will not only renew their lease but may also refer new quality tenants to the building. We offer a level of fairness and service that encourages tenants to choose our properties over others that are available.

Leasing Process

One of the most important steps in achieving a profitable rental property is the leasing process. Our leasing team is known for its aggressive marketing and highly effective resident retention programs. Historically, our tenants stay longer, resulting in lower turnover, leading to a higher return on investment for the property owners.  Investors and property owners can ensure that their properties are not only occupied but occupied with quality tenants. Our screening process is extensive and unlike other firms, we take the time to find the right tenants, resulting in incredibly low delinquency rates. Our clients can be assured that their properties will enjoy high occupancy rates and will be highly occupied with quality residents. A partial list of leasing services offered in our apartment building division follows:

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NH
  • Market Analysis. A thorough market analysis is done to each of our client’s apartment buildings each time a vacancy exists and prior to a tenant’s lease renewal, to optimize all existing rents and maximize new tenant rents.
  • Marketing. Our leasing team understands the importance of having a fully occupied property and has one of the lowest vacancy rates in the industry. Client’s properties are advertised comprehensively through numerous advertising venues, to create an abundant number of qualified prospects.
  • On-site leasing. Depending on the size of the apartment building, we have the ability to staff your property with an entire qualified leasing team and can ensure prompt lease-ups and fully occupied properties. 
  • Showings. Clients’ properties are shown frequently to pre-screened prospects. Each member of our leasing department is thoroughly trained in proper sales strategies, to ensure that they are more than just tour guides.
  • Agent Training. Each leasing agent is trained in Fair Housing law practices, as well as strategic selling strategies.
  • Tenant screening. Our ability to effectively screen prospective tenants enables us to take on troubled properties and turn them around, as well as to manage luxury buildings while maintaining low delinquency rates. We invest thousands of dollars every year to make sure we have the most up–to-date background reporting software and our leasing agents are trained to effectively match prospects with appropriate properties.
  • Leases & legal documents. Our leases are tailored to each individual investor’s properties and offer substantial legal protection to both our client’s and our firm. We have custom property specific leasing addendums that indemnify our clients, for maximum protection.
  • Pre & post occupancy inspections. Prior to a tenant moving in, our leasing department takes pictures of the inside of the property. These photos are archived in our computer system for property condition verification, used during the final walk-through of the property at the expiration of a tenant’s lease.
  • Lease renewals. The lease renewal process is exceptionally important in maintaining a healthy apartment building. Our leasing team knows the importance of keeping residents happy, so that they stay longer and minimize turnover costs.
  • Tenant lease expirations. We require our tenants to give 60 days’ notice prior to moving out. This gives our leasing department ample time to re-rent the unit before it becomes vacant, minimizing vacancies and increasing our investor return on investment.

Financial Management

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NHButler Property Management’s financial management team understands the importance of timely financial statements and accurate bill paying. Our clients can be assured that all bills are carefully reviewed before payment and that all rents are accounted for. Our team of financial professionals is trained in creating accurate budgets taking into account our clients’ short- and long-term goals, to create a budget that fits their particular style of investing and management preference. Clients can be assured that proper budgeting will increase property values, rent will be collected promptly and that all bills will be accounted for. This is a partial list of financial services offered through our small property division:

  • Budgeting. Our financial services team provides our clients with precise and detailed budgeting, to strategically plan for the short- and long-term goals of their properties. Accurate budgeting not only helps in running the property more efficiently but done correctly will increase the value of the property over the long run. 
  • Monthly statements. Clients can depend on accurate monthly financial reports each month, detailing all accounts receivables and payables, with a net proceeds check.
  • Accounts receivable. Residential software is used to track and account for all tenant rents and any miscellaneous income produced by the property. Reports can be generated for our clients at any time, to provide a clear picture of the property’s performance.
  • Accounts payable. All bills relating to the property are paid out of tenant rents and are detailed on the monthly financial statement to ensure our investors know at all times where their money is being allocated.
  • Rent collection. All rents are collected on the first of the month and if not collected are followed by a late notice and a property manager at the tenant’s door.
  • Legal & eviction. Butler Property Management has one of the lowest delinquency rates in the industry.In the event legal proceedings are needed, however, the prominent Boston law firm of Russo & Scholnick will carry out the eviction process and associated legal proceedings.
  • Banking. Due to the size of our company, we receive private business banking status at Bank of America. Security deposits are kept with BOA’s escrow management department, where yearly interest is calculated and disbursed to tenants accordingly.
  • Fund security. Our clients can be assured that their files are kept in a triple locked filing system and their funds are handled by bonded licensed Butler Property Management personnel. The prestigious accounting firm of Forman, Conklin & Farrar continually monitors our financial accounts to maintain the degree of safety and protection we believe our clients deserve.

Maintenance Management

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver consistently superior management maintenance to our investors.  We offer full- and part-time on-site maintenance staff to service larger properties. Smaller buildings are covered by our full-time in-house maintenance team. From electricians, plumbers and carpenters to landscape professionals, we are positioned to address the complete range of our clients’ needs. From fixing a leaking faucet or a complete interior renovation, we are prepared and ready to respond. From newly shingled roofs and freshly painted trim, to properly cut and manicured lawns, we have the equipment, experience and expertise to service your property. Here is a partial list of maintenance services offered in this division of the company:

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NH
  • Preventative maintenance. Our clients can be assured that their properties will be checked weekly by our qualified maintenance staff.  Preventative maintenance is extremely important in maintaining a healthy property and preventing future costly repairs.  Our investors can be assured that monthly a licensed construction supervisor will inspect the property for structural integrity and potential problems.
  • Routine maintenance. Regular routine maintenance is performed at properties to minimize future costly repairs.
  • Service calls. Our staff is readily accessible during normal business hours via email or phone to respond to tenant maintenance requests.
  • Emergency maintenance. Property owners can feel assured that our maintenance personal throughout the region are on call 24 hours a day. Our 24-hour emergency maintenance hotline can guarantee a two-to-three minute response phone call, following the initial tenant message. Our clients can have peace of mind, knowing their property is being monitored 24 hours a day. 
  • Maintenance equipment. Butler Property Management owns and maintains a wide array of professional equipment. From a specialized fleet of trucks, loaders and trailers, to zero-turn commercial lawnmowers and landscape tools, we have the equipment to service your property and grounds maintenance needs.