Commercial Property Division

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NHThe commercial property division manages mixed-use commercial and residential properties, commercial retail space and industrial complexes. This division of the company understands the importance of not only keeping our clients’ commercial properties fully occupied but in utilizing all available space and maximizing rent per square foot. We pride ourselves on helping client’s lower expenses and increase property revenues through strategic budgeting, in-depth market analysis and comprehensive preventative maintenance programs. Our clients can count on accurate financials and detailed monthly financial reports to monitor the progress of their commercial properties. Investors can be assured that their commercial space will run smoother and more profitably under our management, eliminating owner involvement and increasing investor time to look for new opportunities.

Leasing Process

Butler Property Management uses proven marketing strategies to maximize revenues for our commercial clients. Our leasing team employs these proven methods to attract and maintain qualified tenants for their commercial and industrial properties. Our specialized client retention programs are designed to keep current tenants and ensure consistently satisfied renters. Our experienced leasing and marketing team will work diligently toward full occupancy by qualified tenants, prescreened for financial stability and property suitability. Our leasing team works closely with national franchises to lock in long-term leases for our clients at optimum rents. Consider this partial list of leasing services offered in our commercial property division:

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NH
  • Market analysis. A precise and meticulous market study is performed by our leasing team on a regular basis, to ensure that client’s properties are in line with market rents and conditions, yielding the highest possible return to our investors.
  • Marketing. Our leasing department has proven marketing strategies to fill commercial properties quickly and efficiently. Our leasing team works closely with national franchises, corporate relocations and small businesses to secure long-term leases.
  • Showings. Client properties are shown frequently to pre-screened prospects with viable businesses.
  • Tenant screening. Tenant selection is exceptionally important when filling our retail and commercial properties. Our commercial property management software enables us to thoroughly check the backgrounds of each business.
  • Types of leases. Our leasing agents are trained in negotiating the best possible lease terms. Whether it be a graduated, percentage or triple net lease, our clients can be assured that their property will be fully occupied at optimum leasing terms.
  • Lease renewals & expirations. Tenant leases will be renewed and a market analysis performed, to ensure favorable terms and minimize turnover.

Client & Tenant Communication

We are aware that commercial property owners differ in terms of investment style and desired level of communication. We take pride in tailoring our management services to each investor, to provide the desired level of communication. Whether it be via phone or email, our client’s can be assured that a representative from our company can be reached. Our tenants are treated in a similar fashion and can reach trained Butler Property Management Personnel throughout the day. We offer a 24- hour a day emergency maintenance hotline to make sure our clients properties are safe and the tenants are happy. The level of communication offered to our clients and investors in this division of the company is illustrated below:

  • Agent/client relationship. Property managers and office personnel are available to promptly respond to phone calls and emails. We can make sure that our investors receive the right level of communication and hassle-free ownership.
  • Agent/tenant relationship. The agent/tenant relationship is crucial to a rental property’s success. Our open communication policy helps to achieve satisfaction and a productive working relationship that encourages tenants to remain loyal to the property.
  • Continued tenant relations. Our emergency customer support line is available 24 hours a day. General maintenance issues, tenant complaints and any problems that may arise will be promptly attended to. A personal property manager is assigned and maintains an ongoing dialogue with tenants. The property manager will also periodically visit the property in the interest of improved tenant relations, as well as to review property condition.

Financial Management

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NHAll rents will be promptly collected, expenses paid and the preparation of detailed monthly reports issued.  Our top-notch accounting department assures that our clients receive clear and concise financial records. Accurate budgets are created for each of our investors and their properties to design an asset management plan for both the short- and long-term goals of the property. Through careful planning and budgeting, we can strategically increase the value of our investors’ properties over the long term and increase cash flow in the short term. A partial list of financial services offered to our commercial property owners follows:

  • Rent collection. All rents are promptly collected and all new tenants are made aware of our zero tolerance for late rent policy.   
  • Accounts receivable. All rents will be collected and accounted for in our property management accounting software.
  • Accounts payable. All bills will be paid on time and accurately reflected on the monthly financial statement.
  • Monthly statements. Each month, clients can expect a detailed monthly financial report itemizing all accounts receivables and payables along with a rent roll and complete property condition notes.
  • Budgeting. Our commercial clients can count on accurate budgeting to strategically plan for the short- and long-term goals of the property.
  • Legal & eviction. Butler Property Management has one of the lowest delinquency rates in the industry. In the event legal proceedings are needed, the prominent Boston law firm of Russo & Scholnick will carry out the eviction process and associated legal proceedings.
  • Banking. Due to our business volume, we receive private business banking states at Bank of America. Security deposits are kept with B of A’s escrow management department, where yearly interest is calculated and dispersed to tenants.
  • Fund security. Files are kept in a triple locked filing system and money is handled by bonded licensed Butler Property Management personnel. The leading accounting firm of Forman, Conklin & Farrar continually monitors our financial accounts to maintain the degree of safety and protection we believe our clients deserve.

Maintenance Management

Our full-time maintenance teams are responsible for all maintenance needs, including turning commercial units from a former tenant to a new tenant. We have the ability to staff our larger clients’ properties with onsite full- or part-time maintenance crews if needed.  For smaller properties, our in-house staff of licensed professionals includes plumbers, carpenters, electricians and construction supervisors, able to perform most any task. Our clients can be assured that they will receive the lowest pricing in the industry for service-related items. By blending our preferred vendors along with our in-house maintenance staff, we can guarantee cost savings to our clients in all areas of maintenance management.Roadways will be cleared, as needed. Buildings and grounds will be properly maintained. What follows is a partial list of maintenance services offered in this division of the company:

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NH
  • Preventative maintenance. Properties will be checked weekly by our qualified maintenance staff. Preventative maintenance is extremely important in maintaining a healthy property and minimizing future costly repairs. A licensed construction supervisor will inspect the property for structural integrity and potential problems on a monthly basis.
  • Routine maintenance. Regular routine maintenance is performed, to minimize the cost of future repairs.
  • Service calls. Our staff is readily accessible during normal business hours via email or phone, to respond to tenant maintenance requests.
  • Emergency maintenance. Our maintenance personal throughout the region are on call 24 hours a day. Our 24-hour emergency maintenance hotline can guarantee a two-to-three minute response phone call once the initial tenant message has been left.
  • Maintenance equipment. Butler Property Management owns and maintains a wide array of professional equipment. From our specialized fleet of trucks, heavy equipment and trailers, to our zero-turn commercial lawnmowers and landscape equipment, we have the equipment, manpower and expertise to service all your property management needs.