Condominium Management

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NHButler Property Management understands that your residential condominium is not only your home but also an investment.  The right management company can protect this investment and help to secure a better financial future for you and your family. Our objective is not only to manage properties but to enhance value, through strategic planning and budgeting, in addition to expert day-to-day management.

Our unity-of-purpose management approach stresses open communication between managing agent, trustees and unit owners. Butler Property Management is further based on a commitment to integrity, expertise and hard work. The end result is a financially healthy, aesthetically pleasing and safe place to live.

We strive to provide each community with an unprecedented level of service, involving attention to detail, frequent onsite inspections and frequent exchange of ideas. We hope you’ll take a moment to review the partial list of services included in our management fee.

Administrative Management

Butler Property Management is committed to providing continuous and open communication with the trustees. Whether in person, by telephone, email or postal mail, you will feel at ease in the knowledge that that our skilled personnel are readily available and easy to reach, at any time.  Hard files and case sensitive information are secure in our fireproof triple locking filing system.  Software files are heavily guarded by a sophisticated fire wall, state of the art routers and anti-virus software.  The following is a partial list of administrative services:

  • Board Communication. An ongoing line of communication is maintained throughout the contract period with all board members.
  • Property manager. An assigned manager will be readily assessable via cell phone and email to answer and address any questions, problems or concerns.
  • Meetings. An assigned property manager will attend meetings to discuss property progress, and upcoming goals, as well as short- and long-term plans for the property.
  • Annual Meeting. One annual meeting will be scheduled and coordinated yearly to discuss with unit owners shor-t and long-term financial plans, communication, financials and a Q & A session.
  • Filing System. Organize, file and store unit owner information, master deed and bylaws, records and communications, in a triple locked filing system.
  • Enforcement of rules, regulations and bylaws. A property manager will help trustees enforce all condo rules and regulations.
  • Election and resignation of trustees. Assist and coordinate all elections and resignations of trustees, to ensure smooth transitions and compliance of condominium documents.
  • Coordinate mailings and letters to unit owners. Letters and mailings will be sent from our offices to update and inform unit owners of all actions and undertakings throughout the property.

Financial Management

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NHButler Property Management prides itself on its accuracy and fastidious attention to detail when it comes to your association’s finances.  Our company’s accounting department is acutely aware of the urgency and importance of clear and concise financial data.  Your association can be assured that your finances are secure, reconciled and properly accounted for.  Here is a partial list of some of the financial service areas offered to your association, through Butler Property Management:

  • Accounts receivable. A strong emphasis is placed on the prompt collection of monthly fees, monitoring unpaid accounts and administering late fees when necessary.
  • Accounts payable. All selected vendors are entered into our software and invoices and bills are paid monthly.
  • Accounting software. Elaborate condominium-specific software is used to keep accurate and concise financial records.
  • Financial reports. Our condominium-specific software can design a wide variety of reports that are mailed out monthly to association board members and are designed and tailored to fit the individual preferences of each association.
  • Banking. Owner’s accounts are maintained exclusively at Bank of America where we enjoy the perks of private business banking and the many advantages that are provided to our associations.  All community funds are kept in individual bank accounts and are segregated funds.
  • Read-only banking. All association board members are given read-only, on-line access to their community’s bank accounts for their convenience.
  • Funds security. All association funds are accessed by bonded administrative Butler Property Management personnel only. The leading information technology firm, Enright Enterprises, continually monitors our financial accounts to maintain the degree of safety and protection we believe our clients deserve.
  • Budgeting. Detailed budgets are prepared each year for the upcoming year and are presented to the board.  Each year, a reserve study is done, using a mathematical formula to ensure that the appropriate funds are being set asideannually, to ensure that your association’s short- and long- term goals are met.  Our condominium software, in combination with many years of experience, results in highly accurate budgets and the many benefits that result therefrom.
  • Reconciliation. All bank accounts and funds are reconciled each month with our accounting software before a financial reporting package is mailed out to association board members.
  • Yearly accounting & auditing. The prestigious accounting firm of Forman, Conklin, and Farrar, PC, handle our associations yearly accounting and auditing each year to ensure clear and concise records.

Maintenance Management

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NHButler Property Management offers a highly qualified in-house maintenance staff, ranging from plumbers and electricians to general maintenance crews. We own and maintain a complete range of professional equipment.  From our specialized fleet of trucks, loaders and trailers, to zero-turn commercial lawnmowers and landscape tools, we have the equipment to service your building-and-grounds maintenance needs. In conjunction with our in-house services, we also offer a diverse network of well-respected preferred licensed vendors to handle your association’s needs.  From newly shingled roofs and freshly painted trim to properly cut and manicured lawns, we have the equipment, vendors, experience and expertise to properly service your property. A list of partial maintenance services offered appears below:

  • Preventative maintenance. Our qualified staff will inspect the property to determine its general condition, structural integrity and potential problems that may require maintenance and repair.
  • Routine maintenance. Regular routine maintenance will be performed, to minimize unnecessary costly repairs.
  • Emergency maintenance telephone hotline. Unit owners have access to our 24-hour emergency maintenance telephone hotline.  Emergency calls are guaranteed a two- to three-minute response time and if needed one of our licensed professionals can be dispatched at any time. All in-unit maintenance will be billed directly to unit owners.
  • Vendors. We have a diverse and well-respected group of vendors that consistently delivers superior service at substantial cost savings to our associations.

Vendor And Cost Management

Butler Property Management maintains a diverse network of vendors, dedicated to delivering outstanding service and cost savings to your association. Our goal is to not only provide you with care-free condominium living but to lower your association’s overall costs through careful negotiations and a comprehensive database of vendors. Historically our vendors offer both lower prices as well as the knowledge and experience to provide your association with an exceptional level of service.  A partial list of areas where we are able to substantially lower associations costs by using a mix of experienced vendors follows:

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NH
  • Insurance. Our insurance vendors are capable of providing your association with higher levels of coverage, lower deductibles and lower insurance premiums, by not only shopping one particular insurance carrier but all of the insurance carriers, to effectively insure the best coverage at the lowest price.
  • Trash. By leveraging the substantial volume of business we provide to particular trash vendors ,we are often able to offer substantial cost savings on trash removal and recycling programs.
  • Cleaning. Depending on the size, structure and kind of property your association represents, we are able  to employ a cleaning company of the appropriate size, fully licensed and insured to effectively offer cost savings to your association.
  • Utility. Depending on your property’s mechanical systems, we often are able to offer significant savings on oil and gas rates due to the level of business that we provide to our vendors.
  • Roofing & Siding. We work in conjunction with some of the finest roofing and siding corporations in the northeast, to provide your association with truly knowledgeable vendors that offer sizeable savings relative to other firms and vendors.
  • Landscaping & Snow Removal. At Butler Property Management, we understand the importance of pristine landscaping during the summer months and freshly plowed roadways during the winter.  There is nothing more frustrating than those winter months when you can’t get out of your driveway and your property’s road ways are completely iced over. We have small to large snow removal companies and landscaping vendors that when matched with the right property can provide extensive cost savings at sizeable increases in service.