The Town of Boxford Massachusetts

Boxford is a town in Essex County, Massachusetts. The original town center of Boxford, along with East Boxford and other areas in the eastern part of the town, comprise the census-designated place of Boxford. Boxford State Forest, near Interstate 95 and the towns of Topsfield and Middleton, boasts numerous walking trails that weave through heavily forested areas. Commercial landmarks in and around town include Benson’s Ice Cream, Paisley’s Farm Stand and West Village Provisions in West Boxford center, Ingaldsby Farm, the Boxford Community store in East Boxford and the Boxford House of Pizza.

Boxford's centrally located Stiles Pond is the site for the town beach, where membership can be purchased by Boxford residents only, each season for a nominal fee through the Boxford Athletic Association (BAA). Baldpate Pond, and the adjacent state recreation area, is another popular swimming, fishing, boating and hiking location. Camp Rotary is a popular summer co-ed boarding camp, located on Stiles Pond off Ipswich Road in Boxford. Danvers YMCA holds another popular summer day camp on Stiles Pond, next to the town beach.

Boxford currently has one town library, in East Boxford. The East Boxford Library is housed in a previously private, renovated home, donated to the town in the 1940s by the will of Miss Julia Cummings. The Town of Boxford currently plans to build a new facility on the current library site.


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