The Town of North End Boston Massachusetts


The North End is a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. It bears the distinction of being the city’s oldest residential community, where people have lived continuously since it was settled in the 1630s. Though small (one-third of a square mile), the neighborhood boasts something on the order of one hundred eating establishments, as well as a variety of tourist attractions. Its large Italian American population has prompted this neighborhood to be known as the city’s Little Italy.

The North End as a distinct Boston community was evident as early as 1646. By 1649, the area had a large enough population to support its own church, called the North Meeting House, the construction of which led to the development of the area now known as North Square. In the early stages of the American Revolution, the Hutchinson Mansion, located in North Square, was attacked by anti-Stamp Act rioters on the evening of August 26, 1765, forcing then Lieutenant Governor Thomas Hutchinson to flee on foot through his garden. During the Siege of Boston, the North Meeting House was dismantled by the British for use as firewood.

Notable residents of the North End have included John F. Fitzgerald, politician and grandfather of President John F. Kennedy), Rose Kennedy (philanthropist and mother of JFK), Charles Ponzi (considered the original creator of the Ponzi scheme) and Paul Revere (a hero of the American Revolution).


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