Small Property Division

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NHButler Property Management’s small property division services single and multi family homes, individual condos and townhouses. This division of the company offers to small property owners the same comprehensive range of services that our larger property owners receive. We pride ourselves on treating every client with the same level of unparalleled service, regardless of the size of the property. No other property management company features an entire division exclusively devoted to the professional management of small properties. Since the company’s inception, the small property division has grown to more than five hundred clients and has been able to deliver consistently exceptional levels of client satisfaction.

Leasing Process

Our clients can rely on our marketing and sales team to keep their properties fully occupied with qualified tenants. Butler Property Management has a proven marketing strategy integrating numerous time-tested marketing techniques, proven successful in attracting qualified tenants. The leasing process is one of the most important steps in achieving a profitable rental property. We will ensure that your property is not only fully occupied but occupied with quality tenants. Consider this partial list of leasing services offered through our small property division:

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NH
  • Market analysis. Our client’s properties are carefully reviewed and a thorough market analysis of the property is performed, to ensure our clients receive the maximum rental income that the market will bear.
  • Marketing. Your property will be aggressively advertised using our proven marketing strategies, to ensure maximum exposure and the lowest possible vacancy rates.
  • Showings. Our clients can be assured that their properties will be shown frequently to properly screened prospective tenants, pre-screened by phone before even setting foot on your property.
  • Tenant screening. Through the use of advanced tenant screening software,in combination with extensive background checks (including but not limited to criminal and credit check and employment and landlord verification), we are able to offer our clients a level of tenant screening that is unparalleled in the industry. This in turn fosters exceptionally low delinquency rates.
  • Leases. Our leases are tailored to each individual property and feature of a detailed 13-page leasing document designed to offer maximum protection to our clients.  A full lead paint indemnification is completed, along with a tenant welcome letter in the leasing package.
  • Pre-occupancy inspection. A complete move-in checklist is completed with the tenants prior to move-in, with a licensed leasing agent to ensure the property is kept in the original condition when the tenant moves out.  Pictures of the inside and outside of the property are archived in the company’s computer system for verification of the condition of the property.
  • Lease renewals & expirations. Our leasing department carefully tracks tenant lease expirations and requires a 60-day notice to vacate before any tenant moves out.  If a tenant chooses to renew the lease, our leasing department will perform a market rent analysis and execute the renewal documents with the tenant at a re-negotiated higher rental rate, when appropriate. Our clients can depend on their vacant apartment being immediately advertised, shown and leased if a tenant chooses to leave.

Client & Tenant Communication

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NHButler Property Management prides itself on providing a consistent and superior level of communication to our clients and tenants. We know that your property is a valued investment that you trust us to manage. You can be assured that whether it be via the phone or by email, you will always be able to reach a representative from our company to update you on the status of your property. Our clients can sleep soundly knowing that we offer our tenants a 24-four hour, seven-day-a-week emergency support hotline. Some examples of what distinguishes us from the competition:

  • Agent/tenant relationship. Open communication with our residents demonstrates a commitment to their well being, and is in keeping with our core belief of business integrity.
  • Continued tenant relations. A continuous relationship with our tenants is an important part of our business philosophy and is crucial to your rental properties success. When tenants are happy with their apartment homes, it is likely they will not only renew their lease but are often helpful in attracting new prospects. We offer a level of fairness and service that encourages tenants to choose the properties we manage over others that are available.
  • Agent/client relationship. With property owners across the world, we are readily available to our clients via phone or email. We understand the importance of keeping open lines of communication and are never more than a phone call away.  We pride ourselves on knowing that our clients’ minds are at ease in the knowledge that their properties are being managed efficiently and professionally.

Financial Management

Butler Property Management is committed to assuring that all rents will be collected, all expenses carefully reviewed before payment,and that a detailed report will be issued to our clients each month. A partial list of financial services offered in our small property division:

Butler Property Management - Residential, Condominium and commercial Management – Boston, Massachusetts, MA, Mass, New Hampshire, NH
  • Monthly detailed reports. Each month, our accounting department will issue a financial report detailing all activity at the property, along with a proceeds check.
  • Accounts receivable. All rents are promptly collected on the first of the month and are entered into our property management software. 
  • Accounts payable. Property related bills, such as condo fees, water bills, taxes and insurance can be paid out of the gross collected rents if chosen by the client and will be reflected on the monthly financial statement.
  • Legal & eviction. In the event that rent is delinquent, rent reminders will be sent out along with a property manager to the property to collect the rent. If necessary, the prominent Boston law firm of Russo and Scholnick will carry out the eviction process and legal proceedings.
  • Banking. Owner’s accounts are maintained exclusively at Bank of America, where we enjoy the perks associated with private business banking and the many advantages provided to our clients as a result. All security deposits collected from tenants are kept in a segregated escrow management fund.
  • Funds security. All client funds are accessed exclusively by bonded administrative Butler Property Management personnel. The prestigious accounting firm of Forman, Conklin & Farrar continually monitors our financial accounts, to maintain the degree of safety and protection we believe our clients deserve.

Maintenance Management

We employ a comprehensive, full-time maintenance team. From electricians, plumbers and carpenters, to landscape professionals, we are positioned to address your property’s complete needs. From fixing a leaking faucet or a complete interior renovation, we are prepared and ready to respond. From newly shingled roofs and freshly painted trim, to properly cut and manicured lawns, we have the equipment, experience and expertise to service your property.  Consider this partial list of maintenance services offered in our small property division:

  • Preventative maintenance. Our qualified staff will inspect the property weekly to determine its general condition, structural integrity and any potential problems that may require maintenance or repair.
  • Routine maintenance. Regular routine maintenance will be done to minimize unnecessary costly repairs in the future.
  • Emergency maintenance. Tenants and property owners can feel assured that our maintenance personal throughout the region are on call 24 hours a day.  Our 24-hour emergency maintenance hotline can guarantee a two-to-three minute response phone call after the initial tenant message has been left.
  • Maintenance Equipment. We own and maintain a wide array of professional equipment. From a specialized fleet of trucks, loaders and trailers, to zero-turn commercial lawnmowers and landscape tools, we have the equipment to service your property and grounds maintenance needs.