Allston, Massachusetts

Allston is a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, located in the western part of the city. It was named after the American painter and poet Washington Allston. For the most part, Allston is administered collectively with the adjacent neighborhood of Brighton. The two are often referred to together as Allston-Brighton. Housing consists largely of brick apartment buildings, especially on Commonwealth Avenue and the streets directly off it, while areas further down Brighton Avenue, are largely dotted with wooden triple-deckers.

Allston is almost completely cut off from the main body of the city of Boston by Brookline, which borders Allston on the south and east. It is connected to the rest of Boston only by a small portion of its eastern border that is shared with the Fenway/Kenmore neighborhood. Allston is bordered by the Charles River, separating it from the city of Cambridge to the north.

The area north of the turnpike near the river is often referred to as Lower Allston (referring to its lower elevation) or North Allston. It consists of streets north of Cambridge Street and the Turnpike, all the way to the Charles River. It extends westward to Everett Street and eastward to Windom Street. The busiest section lies immediately south of the turnpike and centers on the stretch of Harvard Avenue between Commonwealth Avenue and Cambridge Street, which houses many shops, bars and restaurants.

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