West End, Boston, Massachusetts

The West End is a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, bounded generally by Cambridge Street to the south, the Charles River to the west and northwest, North Washington Street on the north and northeast and New Sudbury Street on the east. Beacon Hill is to the south, while the North End is to the east.

The West End occupies the northwest portion of the Shawmut Peninsula. Much of the area on which the neighborhood lies is the product of land reclamation. Beginning in 1807, parts of Beacon Hill were used to fill in a small bay and mill pond that separated Beacon Hill and the West End from the North End. Today the neighborhood consists primarily of superblocks containing high-rise residential towers. The West End borders the Charles River between the Longfellow Bridge and the Charles River Dam Bridge. The Charlesbank Playground runs along the bank of the river but is separated from the rest of the neighborhood by Storrow Drive, a large crosstown expressway.

Today, the West End is a mixed-use commercial and residential area. A few non-residential areas (Massachusetts General Hospital and the Charles Street Jail, for example) were spared from the urban renewal of the 1950s. The character of the area prior to the urban renewal can still be seen in the commercial and mixed use buildings of the Triangle. Here there are a few pubs and restaurants that feed off the traffic traveling to and from Faneuil Hall and the Garden.

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