Do You Need Property Management for Your Rentals?

Do You Need Property Management for Your Rentals?

Managing rental properties can be an enriching experience. You allow people to have skills they may not be able to if not for your rental. Whether it’s a property in the mountains, a lakeside cottage, or even a location in a college town, you’re helping others by creating a space to live without having to purchase it. But what about maintenance? If you only have one or two properties and long-term tenants, it may be easy to maintain them on your own. But what if your tenant changes often, or you have multiple properties to control? That’s where we come in.

Long Term Rental Maintenance

More long-term rentals are popular as well. They can help give an individual or family the opportunity to live more comfortably if they’re not in a position to own a house, or if they’re not living there permanently. As mentioned above, it can get a little hectic if you own more than one property. By using the professionals here at J. Butler, you don’t have to worry about having to be at more than one property at the same time. We can fix a leaky pipe at one and a loose railing at the same time. We use a combination of an in house staff and trusted vendors to make sure everything is completed correctly.

Keep the Books

Another aspect of property rental that’s often overlooked is the administrative side. Keeping track of rent payments, tenant contracts, and invoices is a full time job, especially if you have more than a few properties. We have experts in every department, from financial to marketing, to make sure everything is organized and records are kept.

Whether you own a handful of properties in Boston or homes on the Cape, we can help you manage them with ease and professionalism. For more information about our small property management services, visit our site here.

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