Leave the Administrative Work to J. Butler

Leave the Administrative Work to J. Butler

Managing a condominium can be a busy job. The on-site maintenance alone can be draining, never mind all the behind the scenes administrative work! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider leaving the paperwork to the professionals here at J. Butler. We have professionals in all areas of management – including marketing, financial, and even legal – to help you manage your time and your property as efficiently as possible.


The first step to successful condo management is getting people through your doors. We can advertise your vacancies, perform necessary background checks and screenings, and file all paperwork needed for ownership. In turn, selecting qualified tenants, will minimize turnover and keep your vacancies at a minimum.


Think about how confusing it can be to manage your finances. Now imagine doing that on a much larger scale, for various buildings. Our financing professionals can handle everything for you. Using our in-house staff and approved vendors will minimize the number of invoices to organize. Additionally, we monitor payment from your tenants and make sure everything is always balanced.


Being a property manager, although rewarding, also has its liabilities. Our legal team ensures your contracts are clear and abided by, and can aid in the legal proceedings if necessary. Additionally, performing pre and post-occupancy inspections also help provide records of the conditions and ensure each tenant moves into a beautiful, well-maintained unit.

Here at J. Butler, we aim to make your job easier. By streamlining services through one organization, you minimize the time it takes to solve a problem or complete a task. In addition to the administrative management mentioned above, we also have an in-house team of onsite maintenance professionals. This makes every solution just one phone call away.

With years of knowledge and experience in all aspects of property management, we can help you excel in the world of condominium management. For more information about our services, visit our site here.

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