Why Us?

J Butler Property Management is unique because of our dedication to an easy, efficient process. We focus on creating channels of communication between our clients and tenants, which allows for easier problem solving and maintenance. We want to make your property a desirable place to live, and that means allowing your tenants to have a say in what goes on in and around their home.

Further, our team of on-site maintenance staff and preferred vendors makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page. Rather than outsourcing every single duty, we provide staff to keep your property in top shape. From plumbers to landscapers to electricians, and even financial teams, you only need to make one call – to us.

The professionals here are experienced and well-versed in their roles, and this experience translates to success and savings for you. We know exactly how to manage properties, and how to stretch your dollar the farthest. We have worked in many kinds of properties, from small property, to condos, to commercial, meaning we are as efficient as possible.

Choosing J Butler Property Management to manage your properties is a smart choice for your wallet nd for your tenants. Our streamlined communication and staff make it easy to make a call and trust that any situation will be handled with care and professionalism.

What can J. Butler Do For You?