Client & Tenant Communication

Our team looks to streamline communication between client and tenant. We understand the importance of being able to easily contact your tenants to relay important notices. Additionally, tenants who can easily reach their property manager are happier because they know they’re being listened to. We understand the importance of keeping our doors open, whether it be by phone, email, or in person. By having representatives available both for the client and for tenants, we can build lasting relationships that are vital to their happiness and the financial well-being of the property.

Client and Tenant Communication Includes:

  • An active client and investor relationship to blend our expertise and implement a unity-of-purpose management approach. We understand you have a lot of money invested in your properties and can ensure you will receive a prompt response to phone calls and emails and have a 24/7 emergency maintenance hotline.
  • Strong and continuous agent/tenant relationships to demonstrate our commitment to their well-being, keep within our core beliefs, and the continued success of your rental property. This attention to detail has led to many referrals of other potential, qualified tenants and a lower turnover rate. We understand that when your tenants are happy, they will continue to rent from you. Our goal is to keep them happy to avoid turnover.
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