Want to maximize your property investment?

J. Butler Properties will provide your income property with the necessary plans and budgets, including market analysis and preventative maintenance, to increase your profits and decrease unnecessary spending.

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Missing communication with your current property management team?

Our team of highly skilled property managers, client service representatives and accounting professionals will ensure that each board member and resident questions and concerns get answered promptly and concisely.

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Do you struggle with commercial vacancies?

We understand how critical it is to maintain full occupancy with qualified and consistent tenants. J. Butler’s leasing proven leasing process quickly fills vacancies pre-screened, legitimate, financially stable businesses.

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Who We Are

What We Do


Finding clients to occupy your space is the first step to making your property profitable. Our team of leasing experts will work with you through every step of the way. Once you receive applications, we'll carefully screen each client - including a background check - which will minimize turnover and keep your occupancy as full as possible.


Making sure all your finances are in order is crucial to success. We understand that keeping track of it all can be confusing, and our team of financial experts will keep track of accounts payable and receivable, and always be mindful of your budgets & make sure spending aligns with your long & short term goals.

Property Inspections

Completing both pre and post occupancy inspections ensures that each new tenant is moving into a space that feels new and is uniquely their own. Performing pre and post inspections allows us to track any damages and provide repairs and updates if necessary.

Rent Collection

Our team of financial advisors will work diligently to keep organized records and make sure your rent is paid on time. We will also carefully communicate with tenant's about your rent policies and what happens if the policies are broken.


When it comes to eviction, there is a lot of legal proceedings that go along with it. Keeping detailed records and understanding the rights of both you and your tenant can minimize the chance of miscommunication and make sure the eviction process goes as smooth as possible.


Maintenance is the easy part. With our team of in-house maintenance staff and preferred vendors, you never have to worry about calling around to get the best price. You can feel confident you're receiving quality, affordable maintenance by using our services.

Background Checks

Performing background checks can be a time consuming and sometimes tedious process, but it's critical in order to successfully manage a property. We perform background checks on each potential occupant, ensuring you're only renting to capable, responsible tenants.

Legal Guidance

Navigating the legal world of property management can be challenging, and we're here to help. We have lots of experience in dealing with legal aspects of property management, and use a team of reputable lawyers if necessary.

HOA Compliance

Homeowners associations are put into place to provide safety guidelines and other protocols when it comes to living on your property. We'll work to ensure all staff and tenants comply with all HOA regulations, and enforce all policies.

We understand that creating short-term and long-term goals for your condominium are essential for you and your investors. We can provide a variety of management services that will save you time, resources, and money to put money in your pocket now and increase value in the future.

Condominium Management

By utilizing our in-house team of communicative leasing, financial, and maintenance professionals, J. Butler can reduce turnover, provide comprehensive screenings, bring in qualified tenants, and service your property, which ultimately cuts costs and increases your revenue.

Apartment Management

J. Butler Property Management is the only company in the area to offer a division specific to small property owners’ needs. We are devoted to providing comprehensive management solutions for our customers and assist in increasing their profits by screening, accepting, and retaining exceptional tenants.

Small Property Management

Our team knows how important it is to maintain full occupancy on your commercial properties. By using proven marketing strategies and specialized tenant retention programs, we will help bring in qualified local businesses and national franchises to maximize your rent potential.

Commercial Management

Our Clients Love UsAnd We Love Our Clients

"They Have Been Extremely Reliable"

I have worked with J Butler Property Management for several years and couldn't be me more pleased. They manage a condo for me and they have provided a range of services, including screening of tenants, rent collection, lease renewal, and a range of maintenance services.

~David F.
"Managed My Single Family Home"

J Butler Property managed my single family home, they very quick to respond to my emails/calls whenever I had an issue. Office staff was delightful and helpful over the phone. I would recommend this company to family and friends, and use them again in the future!

~Stephanie D.

Our goal is simple… Whether you are new to the Massachusetts area or relocating from one Boston, MA neighborhood to another, we are here to make the process easy and enjoyable! To that end, take your time and explore our highly informative and interactive website. Our search capabilities allow you to search all Boston, MA and Massachusetts Apartments.

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