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Do You Need Property Management for Your Rentals?

Managing rental properties can be an enriching experience. You allow people to have skills they may not be able to if not for your rental. Whether it’s a property in the mountains, a lakeside cottage, or even a location in a college town, you’re helping others by creating a space to live without having to purchase it. But what about maintenance? If you only have one or two properties and long-term tenants, it may be easy to maintain them on your own. But what if your tenant changes often, or you have multiple properties to control? That’s where we come in. read more

Leave the Administrative Work to J. Butler

Managing a condominium can be a busy job. The on-site maintenance alone can be draining, never mind all the behind the scenes administrative work! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider leaving the paperwork to the professionals here at J. Butler. We have professionals in all areas of management – including marketing, financial, and even legal – to help you manage your time and your property as efficiently as possible.


The first step to successful condo management is getting people through your doors. We can advertise your vacancies, perform necessary background checks and screenings, and file all paperwork needed for ownership. In turn, selecting qualified tenants, will minimize turnover and keep your vacancies at a minimum. read more

Maintenance and Communication in Commercial Property Management

Managing a commercial property comes with its own unique challenges, but also can be much more rewarding than traditional property management. Commercial spaces are unique because they aren’t occupied 24/7, and the tenants are more likely to maintain the area. Here at J. Butler Property Management, we give all of our clients, whether commercial or otherwise, the highest attention to detail and communication.


Owning a commercial property essentially means helping to support your tenants’ livelihood. And to do that, you need to keep the space in working order at all times. In addition to making sure everything is functional, you’ll also need to keep things aesthetically pleasing to appeal to your tenant’s customers. This means repairing any leaky pipes, cracked floor tiles, and paint chips right away. read more

Streamline Your Apartment Property Management with J. Butler

Managing a property is a stressful year round, but the stress can be heightened during the winter season. Pipes seem to be leakier, heating system problems arise from being dormant all summer, and you have to worry about making sure walkways are free of snow and ice. Wouldn’t it be easy if you could make one phone call and have it all disappear? With J. Butler Property Management, we can take on all the day to day operations of property management.

Snow Problem

When you’re trying to manage a property, it can be hard to coordinate all the different vendors and utility management people you’re using. By employing the services of the professionals here at J. Butler Property Management, you only have to call us! We use our in-house staff and hand-picked vendors to give you exactly what you need. We can fix pipes, shovel steps, and change lightbulbs at the click of a button. Offering 24/7 emergency services for your tenants not only shows you care but also allows you to wrangle problems before they get worse. read more

Benefits of Tenant Screening for Commercial Space

Commercial properties rely on having reputable businesses occupy their available spaces and providing a source of long-term income. As a property management company in Massachusetts, J. Butler understands the importance of full-occupancy in commercial spaces. To ensure your future tenants fit the qualifications, proper tenant screening is a top priority.

What information can it provide?

Depending on the type of software being used, it can inform you of a lot regarding a particular business. The legitimacy of their work and their financial stability to uphold a long-term lease are two of the most essential, and examining these items can make or break the relationship you are considering with these tenants. read more

Signs of a Great Condominium Property Manager

Property management for condominiums in Massachusetts is no small feat. They must hold many professional talents and characteristics to get the job completed well. J. Butler employs some of the best property managers in the area, and there are a few key signs we pay attention to ensure we only hire great professionals.

They have experience

Property managers are hired to help maintain and increase property value over time through the many services they offer. It is essential for a skilled professional to behind the controls to ensure every project is completed, concerns are addressed, and questions are answered. Keeping up-to-date with local laws and regulations regarding property ownership, landlords, and unit owners is also a must. read more

What 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Says About You

Attracting the best tenants for your apartment vacancies can be difficult without the right team to assist in the search. Strategic marketing and reputation play a big role in these decisions, and Boston property management companies will leverage the services they offer to reflect your buildings in the best light. One service that is not always included within apartment complexes are 24/7 emergency maintenance calls, and J. Butler Property Management sees a big opportunity missed. 24/7 emergency maintenance services say a lot about you, but here are some of the most important: read more

Maintenance Management and Your Property Value

Some small property owners take on maintenance services personally when they have few homes to maintain, but the task often becomes overwhelming and can fall to the wayside. For those who choose not to invest in a Boston property management company to help keep up with the demand to save money, the resistance is often met with negative consequences. More than just emergency services, these specific maintenance programs are vital to maintaining and even increasing your property value:

Routine maintenance

Gutter cleaning, lawn mowing, rug cleaning, chimney sweeping, pruning, and other everyday items are necessary not only for the aesthetics of your small property, but also to minimize repairs in the future. Each of those little items might seem insignificant if you skip one or two for a season, but they can quickly cause other problems in or around your home and become costly. read more

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