What 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Says About You

March 24, 2021

What 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Says About You

Attracting the best tenants for your apartment vacancies can be difficult without the right team to assist in the search. Strategic marketing and reputation play a big role in these decisions, and Boston property management companies will leverage the services they offer to reflect your buildings in the best light. One service that is not always included within apartment complexes are 24/7 emergency maintenance calls, and J. Butler Property Management sees a big opportunity missed. 24/7 emergency maintenance services say a lot about you, but here are some of the most important:

You care for your tenants

Accidents can happen at any time of day, and leaving tenants to deal with these stressful situations on their own can make them feel isolated or abandoned by the property manager or owner. Offering 24/7 emergency maintenance allows your tenants you are there for them and care about their well being, no matter what.

You care for your property

Keeping up with your building and fixing these problems as they arise also tells your tenants you care about the condition of your property. A well-maintained building is more likely to attract tenants who will do the same, which will lower other maintenance costs and ensure a positive morale for all tenants who move in.

You care about communication

In a time of need, tenants often desire personal interaction with your maintenance crew and with your property manager. A 24/7 maintenance hotline shows your dedication to open lines of communication and provides the peace of mind many are searching for but don’t receive in their past leases.

Fortunately, there are property management companies in MA like J. Butler who go above and beyond by offering 24/7 emergency maintenance hotlines to our clients in order to provide a superior level of care to their tenants and their buildings. Not only does this service protect against substantial damages, but it builds a strong relationship with qualified, reliable tenants.

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