Commercial Property Financial Management

J. Butler’s Commercial Division employs top-notch accounting professionals to assure clear and concise financial reports. Accurate budgets are created specifically for you and your properties to design a management plan for both short- and long-term property goals. Through careful planning, budgeting, prompt rent collection, and detailed monthly reports, we can strategically increase the value of your properties over time and increase short-term cash flow.

Financial Management Can Include:

  • Rent collection of all tenants each month. New tenants are also made aware of our zero-tolerance for late rent policy.
  • Accounts receivable collected and accounted for in our property management accounting software.
  • Accounts payable completed on time and accurately reflected on monthly financial statements.
  • Monthly statements sent to you. This detailed report itemizes all accounts receivables and payables along with a rent roll and property conditions notes.  
  • Budgeting to strategically plan for short- and long-term property goals.
  • Legal and eviction when necessary. In these rare instances, the prominent Boston law firm of Russo & Scholnick will carry out the eviction process and associated legal proceedings.
  • Banking through Bank of America. All security deposits are kept within their escrow management department, where yearly interest is calculated and dispersed to tenants.
  • Fund security includes a triple-locked filing system and money only handled by bonded and licensed J. Butler personnel. The leading accounting firm of Forman, Conklin & Farrar continually monitors our financial accounts to maintain the safety and protection you deserve.
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