Canton, Massachusetts

Canton is a town in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, part of Greater Boston, about 15 miles southwest of downtown Boston. The name Canton is derived from the early belief that Canton, China was on the complete opposite side of the earth (“antipodal”). In addition to being a prominent Canton citizen, Elijah Dunbar was the first President of the Stoughton Musical Society, the oldest choral society in the United States. Paul Revere built the nation’s first Copper Rolling Mill in Canton in 1801. His poem “Canton Dale” expresses his affection for the town. Canton is the birthplace of the Rising Sun Stove Polish Company, founded by Elijah Morse, a wealthy merchant and creator of the pot-belly stove.

Canton is the headquarters of Reebok, Dunkin’ Donuts, Computershare (North American HQ), Organogenesis, Inc., Interpolymer Corporation, OneBeacon Insurance and Casual Male Retail Group. It is also home to the Massachusetts Division headquarters of the Salvation Army.

Canton lies at the foot of Great Blue Hill. The Canton River flows through the center of the town, linking a chain of small lakes and flowing into the Neponset River. The Neponset River forms the boundary between Canton and its western neighbors: Norwood, Westwood and Dedham. In addition to wooded land, the area includes wetlands, particularly in the eastern part along Route 138 near the Randolph and Stoughton borders.

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