Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Dartmouth is a town in Bristol County, Massachusetts, home to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The villages of Hixville, Bliss Corner, Padanaram, Smith Mills and Russells Mills are located within the town. Dartmouth was first settled in 1650 and was officially incorporated in 1664. It was named for the town of Dartmouth, Devon, England, from where the Puritans originally intended to depart for America.

Dartmouth’s history was that of an agricultural community but during the late 19th century, its coastline became a resort area for the wealthy members of New Bedford society. Round Hill was the site of early-to-mid-20th century research into the uses of radio and microwaves for aviation and communication by MIT researchers. It is also the site of the Green Mansion, the estate of “Colonel” Edward Howland Robinson Green, a colorful character in his own right, son of the even more colorful and wildly eccentric Hetty Green, said in her time to be the richest woman in the world. In 1948, the heir to the estate bequeathed it in its entirety to MIT. An antenna was erected next to the mansion and used in the development of the Ballistic Early Warning System.

Most of Round Hill was eventually sold to a group of developers who have worked to preserve the area’s history, grandeur and natural environment. The property now is a gated community featuring a nine-hole golf course.

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