Hull, Massachusetts

Hull is a peninsula town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, the county’s smallest town in terms of physical area and the fourth smallest in the state. Its population density, however, ranks within the state’s top 30 towns. Hull has been the summer home to a number of individuals of note throughout the years, including President Calvin Coolidge and former Boston mayor John F. Fitzgerald, father of Rose Kennedy and maternal grandfather of President John F. Kennedy.

The town was first settled by European colonists in 1622 and officially incorporated in 1644, when it was named for Kingston upon Hull, England. Early industries included fishing, trade and salvaging shipwrecks. During the Revolutionary War, it was from Hull in 1778 that General Benjamin Lincoln oversaw the evacuation of Boston.

Black Rock Beach connecting to Cohasset is the town’s only landed connection to the mainland, although two bridges link the town to Hingham. Town neighborhoods include (from south to north) Green Hill, Straits Pond, Crescent Beach, Gunrock, Atlantic Hill, West Corner, Rockaway, Rockaway Annex, Nantasket Beach, Sagamore Hill, Hampton Circle, Sunset Point, Kenberma, Strawberry Hill, Waveland, Windermere, Allerton, Spinnaker Island, Stony Beach, Telegraph Hill, Hull Village and Pemberton. The southern hills near the Town Hall are composed of volcanic rock created 600 million years ago.

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