Lawrence, Massachusetts

Lawrence is a city in Essex County, Massachusetts, on the Merrimack River. Local manufacturing products include electronic equipment, textiles, footwear, paper products, computers and foodstuffs. Lawrence was the residence of Robert Frost during the poet’s early school years. His first essays and poems were published in the Lawrence High School Bulletin.

Europeans first settled the Haverhill area in 1640, with colonists from Newbury following the Merrimack River in from the coast. Aside from the Merrimack River, other water features include the Spicket and Shawsheen rivers. The highest point in Lawrence is the top of Tower Hill in the city’s northwest corner. Den Rock Park is a wooded conservation district, offering recreation for nature lovers and rock climbers alike.

Lawrence lies along Interstate 495, which passes through the eastern portion of the city. There are three exits entirely within the city, though two more provide access from just outside the city limits. The town is also served by Route 28 passing from south to north through the city, and Route 110, which passes from east to west. Route 114 also has its western terminus at Route 28 at the Merrimack River. Lawrence is the site of four road crossings and a railroad crossing over the Merrimack, including the O’Leary Bridge (Route 28), a railroad bridge, the Casey Bridge, the Duck Bridge and the double-decked O’Reilly Bridge.

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