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Are you an investment property in Chelsea, MA seeking reliable property management? Turn to J. Butler Property Management for expert care. With years of experience, we understand the unique challenges property owners face. Our experienced team navigates the rental market dynamics and ensures optimal returns for your investments.

Our property manager will prioritize risk assessment, rigorous tenant screening, and proactive maintenance to safeguard your investments. Trust J. Butler Property Management for expert management and peace of mind in Chelsea, MA.

Our Property Management Services

We understand the importance of a profitable real estate investment. That’s why, you should let us handle your property management needs, so that you can focus on the rewards of your hard work.

Our tailored services include:

Tenant Screening

Our tenant screening process forms the cornerstone of our property management approach in Chelsea, MA. Your property manager will dedicate careful attention to evaluating applicants, ensuring that you secure dependable occupants who prioritize the preservation of your investment. 

Through comprehensive background checks, thorough credit assessments, and meticulous reviews of rental history, we select renters who demonstrate a commitment to maintaining your investment and fostering a peaceful coexistence with their neighbors.

Property Marketing

At J. Butler Property Management, we craft enticing listings that highlight the distinctive features of your Chelsea, MA property. Leveraging our expansive network and diverse online platforms, we guarantee our clients maximum exposure in the real estate market, swiftly filling vacancies. 


Through captivating descriptions and professional imagery, we showcase your property’s allure, attracting high-quality tenants efficiently. We go above and beyond for our clients to effectively market their property and expedite the rental process with our comprehensive approach.

Leasing Agreements

Our property managers prioritize safeguarding your interests through meticulously crafted leasing agreements. Our legal experts develop thorough contracts that delineate tenant obligations and property regulations. 

By addressing all pertinent regulations, we mitigate potential conflicts and safeguard your investments. With our leasing agreements in place, our clients can confidently rent their property, secure in the knowledge that their rights are fully protected. 

Move-In Inspections

At our full service property management company, meticulous move-in inspections are the cornerstone of transparent landlord-tenant relationships. Before tenants occupy the property, we conduct comprehensive assessments, meticulously documenting its condition. 

This property management approach prevents ambiguity regarding security deposits and establishes clear expectations for property maintenance throughout the lease period. By upholding these standards, we safeguard your investment and ensure tenants are held accountable for maintaining the property’s condition.

Regular Property Inspections

Our property managers prioritize the maintenance of your rental because we know how  essential it is for preserving its value and retaining tenants. Through regular property management property inspections, we diligently uphold the condition of your investment in all aspects. 



These scheduled assessments enable us to promptly identify maintenance requirements, addressing issues before they worsen. By vigilantly monitoring your property’s upkeep, we safeguard its value and guarantee tenants a comfortable living environment. 

Rent Collection

An efficient rent collection process is vital for maintaining a steady income. Thats why, our management team provides a streamlined rent collection system, offering online payment options for tenants’ convenience. Our efficient approach minimizes delays, ensuring you receive rental income promptly.

Maintenance and Repairs

Property owners must uphold habitability standards to keep tenants and preserve property value. Timely maintenance and repairs play a pivotal role in achieving this property management goal. 

That’s why, our committed maintenance staff ensures prompt resolution of issues, coordinating maintenance requests with precision and ensuring top-notch workmanship. Whether it’s routine upkeep or emergency repairs, we take care of everything, so you can focus on the things that matter.

About Chelsea, MA

Chelsea, MA, located just a stone’s throw from Boston, offers a prime investment opportunity for investors and rental owners alike. With its proximity to major highways, public transportation, and Logan International Airport, Chelsea, MA boasts exceptional connectivity, making it an attractive location for commuters and professionals seeking convenient urban living. 

The city’s diverse population and vibrant culture contribute to a robust rental market, providing investors with a steady stream of potential tenants. Chelsea’s ongoing revitalization efforts and development projects indicate promising growth prospects for real estate investments. 

As property values rise and demand for housing continues to surge, rental owners can capitalize on the opportunity to generate significant returns on their investments. With its location, diverse community, and promising economic outlook, Chelsea, MA, stands as a promising destination for investors looking to expand their portfolios and maximize rental revenue.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

We proudly serve the areas of Danvers, Boxford, Cambridge, Beverly, Amesbury, Lowell, Wilmington, Tyngsboro, Tewksbury, Lexington, Reading, Natick, Watertown,  Arlington, Malden, North Reading, Walthman, North Andover, Middleton, Chelmsford, Methuen, Lawrence, Woburn, Acton, Essex, Westford, Georgetown, Dracut, Gloucester, Swampscott, Newton, Salisbury, Salem, Rowley, Rockport, Billerica, Somerville, Peabody, Newbury, Merrimac, Middlesex County, Winchester, Stoneham, Revere, Chelsea, Wenham, Saugus, Topsfield, Lynn, Manchester, Gloucester, Hamilton, Groveland, Ipswich, Lynnfield and Marblehead.

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