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Are you a rental property owner in Middlesex County, MA, seeking a reliable and experienced property management partner? Look no further than J. Butler Property Management

Established with a commitment to excellence, we’ve been serving the Massachusetts area for over a decade, offering unparalleled expertise in managing a diverse range of properties, including apartments, condos, houses, and commercial spaces. 

At J. Butler Property Management, we’re not just about managing properties; we’re about fostering thriving communities and maximizing the potential of your investment. Our dedicated team, equipped with cutting-edge tools and a deep understanding of the local market, ensures  your property is in capable hands. 

Choosing us means opting for peace of mind, knowing your property is managed by a team that values integrity, innovation, and client satisfaction above all else.

Our Property Management Services

Explore our range of property management services, each thoughtfully designed to meet your unique needs as a property owner. Below, we delve into the specifics of what we offer to ensure your investment thrives.

Tenant Screening

Ensuring your property is occupied by reliable and respectful tenants is paramount. At J. Butler Property Management, our thorough tenant screening process is designed to provide you peace of mind. 


We meticulously review each applicant’s background, including credit history, rental history, and employment verification. This careful selection guarantees that your tenants are not only capable of meeting their financial obligations but also of maintaining the integrity of your property. 

By prioritizing quality over quantity, we build a community of trustworthy tenants, reducing turnover and fostering a positive living environment.

Property Marketing

Attracting tenants starts with effective marketing. J. Butler Property Management employs a strategic approach to showcase your property. This comprehensive marketing strategy is designed to attract a wide pool of potential tenants, helping to fill vacancies swiftly with the right fit for your property.

We use high-quality photography and engaging descriptions to highlight your property’s unique features and amenities. Our marketing efforts extend across multiple platforms, including popular real estate websites, social media, and local advertising, ensuring maximum visibility. 

Leasing Agreements

Drafting a solid leasing agreement is crucial in protecting both property owners and tenant rights. J. Butler Property Management creates comprehensive, legally sound leasing agreements tailored to each property. 

Our agreements clearly outline terms and conditions, including rent, security deposits, maintenance responsibilities, and lease duration, ensuring transparency and understanding for all parties involved. 

Regular updates to these agreements are made to stay in line with evolving local and state laws, safeguarding your investment and reducing potential legal complications.

Move-In Inspections

The move-in inspection is a critical step in the leasing process. J. Butler Property Management conducts detailed inspections to document the property’s condition before a new tenant moves in. 

This process includes taking photographs and notes of every room and appliance, ensuring a clear record is established. These inspections protect both the property owner and tenant, providing a baseline for assessing any potential damages at the end of the lease. 

This thorough approach helps prevent disputes over security deposits and maintains the long-term quality of your property.

Regular Property Inspections

Regular property inspections are key to maintaining the value and safety of your rental. J. Butler Property Management conducts routine inspections to ensure your property is well-maintained and to identify any repair needs early on. 

These inspections, performed by experienced professionals, cover everything from structural elements to systems functionality. We provide detailed reports to property owners, offering transparency and peace of mind. 

These regular check-ups not only keep the property in top condition but also demonstrate to tenants that we are committed to providing a quality living environment.

Rent Collection

Simplifying the rent collection process benefits both landlords and tenants. At J. Butler Property Management, we offer an efficient online payment system that makes rent collection easy. 


Tenants can easily pay their rent online, reducing the chances of late payments. This system also allows for automatic reminders and receipts, enhancing communication and record-keeping. 

For property owners, this means a steady, reliable cash flow, and for tenants, a convenient and secure way to meet their financial obligations. This digital approach to rent collection is just another way we embrace technology to improve our services.

Maintenance and Repairs

Timely maintenance and repairs are essential for the longevity of your property and tenant satisfaction. J. Butler Property Management provides a comprehensive maintenance and repair service, addressing issues promptly and efficiently. 

Our network of trusted contractors ensures high-quality work at competitive prices. We handle everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs, minimizing inconvenience to tenants and preserving the value of your property. 

Our proactive approach not only solves immediate problems but also anticipates future needs, keeping your property in prime condition year-round.

About Middlesex County, MA

Middlesex County, MA, stands out as a unique blend of historical charm and modern living, making it an ideal location for residents and property investors alike. 

Known for its rich history, vibrant communities, and excellent schools, the county offers a perfect balance of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility. Its proximity to Boston allows residents to enjoy the city’s cultural and economic opportunities while relishing the quieter, more spacious living environment the county provides. 

Middlesex County’s diverse neighborhoods cater to a range of lifestyles, whether one prefers quaint, historic towns or bustling suburban centers. This combination of accessibility, quality of life, and community diversity makes it an attractive destination for families, professionals, and investors.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

We proudly serve the areas of Danvers, Boxford, Cambridge, Beverly, Amesbury, Lowell, Wilmington, Tyngsboro, Tewksbury, Lexington, Reading, Natick, Watertown,  Arlington, Malden, North Reading, Walthman, North Andover, Middleton, Chelmsford, Methuen, Lawrence, Woburn, Acton, Essex, Westford, Georgetown, Dracut, Gloucester, Swampscott, Newton, Salisbury, Salem, Rowley, Rockport, Billerica, Somerville, Peabody, Newbury, Merrimac, Middlesex County, Winchester, Stoneham, Revere, Chelsea, Wenham, Saugus, Topsfield, Lynn and Marblehead.

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